Monday, January 3, 2011

NYE 2010

Spent New Years Eve with beloved friends and the lover. Started off with eating lunch local then trained it to the city to watch the 9PM fireworks which was surprisingly fun compared to last year's experience (horrible). Went back to a friend's to watch the 12 o'clock fireworks on TV, at the same time stuffing our faces with McDonald's then drank away to a brand new year while playing blackjack.

Sydney Darling Harbour - this is not even half of the people that
were at this location. And there are a gazillion other spots.

The Finale! - I like the hands in the corner heh

They haven't even drank yet

The strike tally for blackjack

2010 wasn't that great of a year for me, probably because of the HSC. But on the other hand, I've finally finished high school and it has allowed me to get closer to the people I now adore which makes me that much more excited to what 2011 will bring.

New Year Resolutions: Find a job, gain weight, get fit, learn how to save $$$, start reading again, study hard for uni (if I make it in), spend more time at home.

Happy New Year everyone! ♥


Gerrytales said...

Ten years later bruuu!
Get a scarf toooo! You can use my 30% off card LOL
You can always pass your camera to me if you want an outfit shot for your blog xD I get zzz asking someone to take photos, so I use self timer >_>

It looks like spit or some sort of water mark on the tally sheet O_O


Ailing ♥ said...

Oh my goodness! You know Jen and Anthony! HAHAHA, they go to my uni! :P What a small world! HAHA
& nawww, thanks for the comment! :$ You're a sweet heart. HAHA!
Yup, karaage is the Japanese way of frying foods. If you ever go to a Jap restaurant, you MUST order chicken karaage! It's the bomb!!! :D HAHAHA