Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lame - but I want to procrastinate

1. Are you younger than 19?

2. Have you ever kissed someone whose name starts with a J?

3. How many bathing suits do you own?
2 or 3.

4. Do you like someone?
I guess you can say I do.

5. Are you in a relationship at this point in time?

6. Have you ever eaten uncooked cookie?

7. Ever eaten soap?

8. What are you listening to right now?
Some Korean song from someone's blog.

9. Is there a place you would like to visit?
The City of Atlantis. Asia would be okay though.

10. What is your favourite kind of dog?
Yorkies. Small ones. Fluffy ones.

11. Have you ever fallen into a mud puddle?

12. Do you like winter?
I like winter when it's summer.

14. Are you in a band?
I wish. I wanna be a rockstar.

15. What are you scared of?
Being scared.

16. How long have you had your facebook for?
I used it when everyone was still using Bebo. I don't have fb anymore though. I miss the games.

17. Favourite beverage?
Water, lemon iced tea, mango iced tea, coconut juice, OJ, AJ (hah)

18. If you could own a monkey, would you?
Yeah, if it was light brown, skinny, and small. Kinda like Curious George.

19. Do you own anything from american eagle?
No. I don't think they sell that in Australia. It's more of an American brand, hence "American" Eagle.

20. Do you listen to rap?
Nah, I use to. When Eminem was cool.

21. Do you like fruit?
Of course. I don't think I can live without it. In fact, I'm eating a banana right now.

22. Do you have a nextel phone?
I'm guessing this is some kind of an American thing?

23. Have you ever given a random person your number?
Yes. I was signing up for Red Cross. Zing!

24. What song do you blast every time you hear it?
Anything I like at the time.

25. How clean is your room?
Quite clean.

26. What colour is your room?
Off-whitish-ivory-creamy kinda colour.

27. How’s the weather?
It's crazy as hell. It just can't seem to make up it's poor lil mind.

28. What are you excited for?
When assignments & exams are over. And summerrrr!

29. Are you an artist?
Everyone's an artist. In their own way.

30. What are you doing right now?

31. How was your day?
Tiring. Boring. Windy. It's like that everyday.

32. What did you just do?
I dunnoz.

33. What did you do yesterday?
I went to school. Came home. Worked on assignments. You know the drill.

34. How many pillows do you sleep with?
One. I really need a flufflier, bigger pillow. My pillow's so flat, I wouldn't even call it a pillow.

35. Do you like smores?
Never tried it.

36. Do you have any plans for today?
Well, it's 1 in the morning on a school day. So, school and assignments.

37. Do you like hugs?
Depends. It's awkward sometimes.

38. Are you texting anybody right now?
No. I never have credit. And besides, my goddamn phone is frozen! Where's the justice in this world?

39. Best thing thats happened to you this week?
I finished one of my assignments.

40. Would you rather have 5 million dollars or find true love?
That's hard.

41. What’s your most visited website?
Blogger, other people's blogs, Twitter, YouTube, eBay.

42. What’s something you really want at the moment?
I really want some dosh.

43. Do you live with your parents?

44. Do you have a job?
I want one :(

45. Do you know who you’re going to marry?
Maybe ;)

46. What’s your favourite thing to buy?
Shoes. Clothes.

47. What are you looking forward to in the next months?
Umz, summer. Year 11 will be over.

48. Who’s is the last person you talked to on the phone?

49. How often do you cut your hair?
I use to cut it every so often. Now, I want it to grow.

50. Favourite TV show?
Neighbours, Bold & The Beautiful (I know), mainly those sitcoms. And I like some reality tv shows.

51. Do you miss someone right now?
I'm too tired to feel anything. But yeah, I guess so.

52. What's your favourite colour?
Purple, blue.

53. What is your current problem?
I seem to procrastinate a lot. I leave things til the last minute. I'm effin' lazy. Badly.

54. What are you doing after this?
Maybe do my assignment. Jokes. What about another quiz?!

ANOTHER ONE?!?! That's righttttt.

Any girls like the last guy you kissed?
Maybe 128302918707501 years ago. Dunno if anyone does now.

Is it usually easy for someone to make you smile?
Yes. But they don't know that.

When was the last time you laughed REALLY hard?
Over a blonde joke Alice told me. Blonde jokes are ferny.

Do you think you can last for an hour without talking?
Yes. Easy.

Have you ever been with anyone and thought "I want to be with this person forever"?
What is this?! I didn't sign up for lovey dovey questions. But I guess so.

If you won a lot of money in the lottery, what would you buy first?
Lots and lots and lots of shoes.

What's your favorite drink?
Water, other shizz. This was in the last quiz.

How did you sleep last night?
6 hour sleep. That's pretty average, but I was still tired.

When did you last eat Chinese food?
On the weekend. I ate two container fulls 'cause Alice wasn't home.

Someone leaves a note and flowers on your car, cute or tacky?
That's just plain freaky. 'Cause I don't know anyone who would do that. So it'd most likely be some perverted pedophile.

Have your friends ever randomly stopped by your house?
Yes. In my old house. They were all doing Red Cross and they told me to come out.

Any plans for tomorrow?
School, assignments.

If the last person you kissed saw you kissing someone else right now, do you think they would be mad?
They'd be worse than mad.

How many text messages are in your inbox?
I dunno. Can't check, remember?! PHONE IS A FROZEN POS BOX!

Would you be surprised if your parents had another baby together?
Err, yes. That's just awkward. That's just unnatural!

Do you remember what the last picture you took was of?
Beautiful me. Heh.

What made you kiss the last person you kissed?
It's a habit now. I'm mindlessly doing it.

Is the last person that you had a conversation with a male or a female?
Shemale. Shim. Shim Sham. SHAMWOW!

Last thing you said out loud?
"Did you eat the thing yet?"

Where was your default picture taken?
In Adam's bedroom.

Has anybody ever given you butterflies?
Yes. They still do. *AWWWWWW*

Are you happy with the way things are going?
I dunno. I'm sick and tired of stuffz.

Did you wake up in the middle of the night last night?
I don't remember. Maybe.

What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
Scroll all the way up.

Have you ever been with someone while they were throwing up?
Yes. Not a pretty sight.

Are you ready for the summer?
Of course. But then, I'd probably wish it'd be winter by then.

Did you hug or kiss anyone yesterday?
No :'(

The last time you kissed someone, were your hands around their waist?
What is with all these kissing questions?

Who was the last person to text you? And What'd they say?
I don't know. I CAN'T CHECK.

Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
Srzly doode. Are you feeling lonely? Is that why you must ask so many questions that relate to kissing?

Do you want someone to call you right now?
Nah. It's k.

Last person you had a deep conversation with?
Adam. You mean deep AND meaningful.

Do you like hugs?

Did you speak with your father today?

What were you doing at 10:17 pm last night?
Probably on the computer. Watching Miss Universe.

Do you have a secret that you've never told anyone?
I dunno. Everyone does.

Ever felt like you're not good enough?

Are you extremely ticklish?

What did you do 2 hours ago?
Computer. Assignment.

Is there someone that makes you happy every time you see them?
Yeah, fulllllllllly. I'm not being sarcastic btw.

What was your last thought before you went to bed last night?
"Should I turn on the electric blanket? I should aye?"


K, that's all for now folks.
Interesting huh? Yeah, I thought so too.

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I thought it was interesting =) do the 25 things from facebook next! Or did you already?

-bean phone strap is from ebay, tell me if you want the link to it :)